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The Process

Mariculture Technologies

Mariculture Technologies

  • ​ We design and build factories to meet your live feed requirements.
  • With direct costs of production less than the cost of most dry,
    pelleted food, why feed anything else?
  • Factories custom designed to fit your farm operation.
  • Closed recycled system or open system factories.
  • Our Brine Shrimp factories can be operated anywhere in the world.
  • Brine Shrimp food available for your live food and hatchery support needs.
  • Artemia Salt – a specifically designed formula for the culture of Artemia.

The first and largest RAS indoor and inland live brine shrimp closed system factory in the U.S.A.

Our brine shrimp farming technical services can provide our clients with live brine shrimp production systems with three levels of output based on management inputs.

They are:

EXTENSIVE (low management input) culture methodologies which primarily include natural salt pond or man-made salt ponds using pond liners. Management tools are limited primarily to feeds water chemistry adjustments. Production expectations are 6 pounds adult brine shrimp per 1,000 gallons per 15 day cycle.
LIMITED INTENSITY production methodologies which primarily include outdoor man-made ground ponds with liners. Management tools include feeds, water chemistry management, aeration, pH control and harvesting controls. Production expectations are 15 pounds of adult brine shrimp per 1,000 gallons per 15 day cycle.
HIGHLY INTENSIVE production methodologies primarily include indoor highly managed production variables. These management tools include the items identified in #2 above plus temperature control, automation of feed and chemistry delivery systems, and biological water management. Production expectations are 25 pounds plus of adult brine shrimp per 1,000 gallons per 15 day cycle.
The selection of what production system best fits a client’s needs is based on many variables and can only be derived by implementation of a study to answer those questions.

For further assistance we invite you to contact our company at or by phone at (386) 345-3337.