Mariculture Technologies International, Inc.

"The future of seafood for a hungry world"

The only high value mariculture species that requires no fish meal in a commercial dry diet.

M.T.I. at a Glance
Consultancy & Services

  • ​Mariculture Business Planning and Management
  • Business Plan Assessment (Mariculture, Aquaculture, Pet Industry)
  • Business Financing Assistance (USA Only)
  • Farm Design and Equipment Sourcing
  • Marine Finfish Hatchery Design and Operation
  • Hatchery Live Food Systems and Operation
  • Contracted Production of Marine Finfish
  • Technology Assessment
  • Technology Transfer, Training & Licensing
  • New Products Development
  • Live Seafood Holding Systems and Management
  • Mariculture Supplies and Equipment

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(MTI) is a consulting company for mariculture.

Mariculture is farming of saltwater organisms either at sea or on land
MTI, Inc. was founded in 1984 as a Florida corporation by Michael F. McMaster for the purpose of commercial mariculture farming in Florida and elsewhere. Mr. McMaster is a very accomplished marine biologist with 48 years of mariculture experience. Most notably is both the UN/FAO scientific recognition as their appointed world expert for farming the Florida Pompano and secondly, Mr. McMaster has been independently engaged in successful commercial mariculture businesses of his own for 48 years of which all have been solely self funded.

FAO 2016: Cultured Aquatic Species Information Programme

Pompano: A Sustainable Eco-Pond Approach To Profitable Farming"

Status of Pompano Farming Methodologies - 2013

A Real Silent Spring - The McMaster Theory

Progress Report for June 2009

Florida Pompano is an Alternative Species for Low Salinity Shrimp Pond Farming

Pompano Mariculture in Low Salinity Ponds

Pompano Farms - 2004

Prospects for Commercial Pompano Mariculture - 2003


Michael McMaster

Owner & Founder

Thomas Kloth


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